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Rene's History

Rene began writing music and performing in his high school years.  Educated in the Phillipines with a degree in Economics and Philosophy, he taught music in High School (makes you wonder what you get to teach with a degree in Chemistry or Physics).  While in the Phillipines, Rene performed on radio, TV, and live stage performances with a well known Elvis sound-a-like.

Since arriving in the States in 1978, Rene continued to write and compose music as well as act as a substitute music teacher at local elementary and senior schools in the Charlotte, NC area.

In 1988 Rene recorded his first professional single, "Lisa, I'll Always Wanna Be With You". 

After hearing a few of Rene's demo tapes, a local recording company wanted to know where Rene acquired an Elvis voice.  They were quite surprised that the Elvis sounding performer on that demo was Rene.  A new career was launched.  And Renelvis was born

Press Reviews

In 1992  Rene was voted "The Most Thoroughly Post-Modern Experience" by Creative Loafing and again in 1993 voted "The Best Reason To Move To Charlotte".

"If you close your eyes, he will take you to front row center to an Elvis concert of your memories."  Fred Mills, Freelance writer, Tuczon, AZ

"Take a native of the Philipines, sprinkle with sequins, add a dash of Memphis and you have The King of the Queen City's Elvis Impersonator."  Lisa Cooley, WBTV Channel 3

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